I Know You’re Somewhere So Far | Solo Exhibition | 2021


I Know You’re Somewhere So Far Catalogue

 Masih Sayang 2019 

Abstract artist Mulaika’s second solo exhibition I Know You’re Somewhere So Far was completed in a span of four years and is comprised of 63 works of art. The artist addresses various themes including mental health and explores concepts of disconnect and isolation. The works depict the light and dark side of human nature and modern day society as seen through the lens of an empathic teenage artist as she navigated a constantly changing environment culminating in the period of the global pandemic and lockdown in 2020 and 2021. Despite the show’s overarching dark tones, it is ultimately an optimistic nod towards the closure of Mulaika’s childhood. We witness the young artist, who turns 18 in the middle of the show, pay homage to her teenage years as she enters young adulthood.

    Hole in My Heart 2018